Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Starving Artists...moving to Blogger!

starving artists 2, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

We've been doing the Starving Artists entries on my Live Journal for a couple of years...this was our first post in the series, started in 2008.


We still haven't settled on where or how, but getting a huge backlog of WHAT...we just keep cooking and experimenting!  (J's in the kitchen making spiced rum applesauce, even as we speak!  Smells heavenly...)

On the blog, we'll be concentrating a lot on food that's:

* Frugal
* Healthful
* Quick and easy

and MOST important--


We like food! We're adventurous, too, so you may see some fairly exotic fare here...(or there, wherever we end up.)

My eldest godchild, professional photographer Ann Brown, shot this photo of us a couple of years ago--we both loved it for those silly grins! (Here's her website-- http://annbrownphotography.com --if you're anywhere near KC, MO and you need some wonderful photos done, check her out!) j. suggested this version of the chef hats, and I incorporated some of our art with Photoshop--that's his Cholula bottle!

Ann's a good cook, too, and when I asked if I could use the photo for our logo, she told me SURE, as long as she can contribute the occasional recipe! Guest chefs sounds like a great idea, to me.

Yes, I've got lots of other projects, what with the book, teaching, the rehab house and life in general, but this is something (else) fun that we can do together!

And hey, ya gotta eat!


  1. GREAT to see this on Blogger Kate! So-o-o-o-o much easier to handle than LJ! Is there a problem with LJ, are they closing down...?

  2. Yes, I think it is easier! The links list here is MUCH easier, when I get around to making one!

    No, it's a problem between Flickr and LJ--Flickr says there's too much abuse from that site. Fooey! Last January there was a question about what would happen to LJ since they were bought by someone in Russia, but it seemed fine. I'm just tired of the continuing glitches!


We'd love to hear what you think--ask questions, share recipes or stories or memories. Sit down and have a cuppa with us!

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