Friday, September 29, 2017

Moink - Ethical Meat, Exceptional Taste

Our friend Lucinda asked us to try some meat from her new company, Moink, which offers home delivery of just about the best meat you can imagine.

We were impressed right out of the box - literally! Moink is the first meat delivery we’ve used that doesn’t use Styrofoam. Instead, there’s padding/insulation made of a wool/cotton blend that has been redirected from the waste stream: essentially, fabric scraps from the fashion industry. Major kudos to Moink for responsible packaging!


The first thing we tried was the bacon. It’s kind of hard to rave about bacon because... well, BACON! It was thick, wonderful, plus it's sugar- and nitrate/nitrite-free, just as the best bacon should be. And unlike commercial bacon, the package actually contains a pound rather than the usual 12 ounces. Excellent quality and flavor!


Like the bacon, great quality and flavor, sugar/nitrate/nitrite free, and it’s also leaner than our usual sausage. This may be the best sausage ever!

Chicken Drumsticks

I made them up in a tandoori recipe - though I left the skins on - and they were fabulous! Lots of meat on them - much more than I’m used to seeing on drumsticks - and very flavorful, tender, and juicy.

French Rib Eye Steak

OK - WOW! I salted it fairly heavily and let it dry overnight in the fridge. I then coated it with bacon grease and black pepper and prepared it on a very hot grill, Pittsburgh rare. AMAZING! I’m just sorry we failed to get a picture - it came off the grill screaming “EAT ME!” - and we really couldn’t wait for a photo op!

There is more that we haven't tried yet - hamburger, a roast, and some lamb - but when we do, we'll post it here. In the meantime, click MOINK to check it out yourself!
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